Young Islanders Project Swap

Invitation to participate

In the Young Islanders Project Swap (YIPS) 8-12.9.2008
In Kasnäs, Dragsfjärd, Finland
In co-operation with the Annual General Meeting of ESIN

The aim of this project is to involve the youth of our organisations in international projects. Therefore we seek youngsters (between 18 and 30) who already are involved in island projects for youth and who have project ideas that they would realise in an international manner. The projects can be projects that have previously been done on an national level or new project ideas which involve youth. The projects should not have already been done on an international level, funded by the EU and organised by your organisation. This is a grand opportunity for building a co-operation between the youth and the board of your organisation. It might also increase the knowledge of what kind of projects the young members of your organisation are interested in realising.
Therefore we would like to invite young people (between the age of 18-30) who are involved in youth related work in your organisation and have a project ready to be presented with the aim to finding partners at the meeting. The person does not have to be employed by the organisation, but he/she has to have
knowledge of which organisation they are representing.

We are applying for funding from our national agency of the EU, but we have to know which countries are interested in participating in this meeting.

All the forms should be sent to me on the following address:

Eelin Hoffström
Tervahovinkatu 10 B 23
20810 TURKU

Please let us know, by e-mail, if you are interested before the 13.3.2008

For further information or any questions don't hesitate to contact me:

or by telephone:

Looking forward to our co-operation,
Eelin Hoffström